2020 Bass Fishing Tournament Official Rules and Regulations


1.  PREFACE:  The following rules and regulations have been formulated and designed with the expressed intent of affording each contestant equal opportunity of success depending upon his/her angling skill.  These rules are not subject to change and their interpretation is solely reserved for the Tournament Rules Committee which will be made up of members of the Foothills Service Project Board of Directors.  Decisions of the Rules Committee shall be final.


2.  CONTESTANT AND ELIGIBILITY:  This tournament is open to all people except members of the Foothills Service Project Board of Directors and Staff.


3.  ALL ENTRANTS:  Fee will be $80 in advance or $100 per boat the day of the tournament.  Each person wishing to participate should complete an official application form and submit this application along with entry fee to Foothills Service Project, PO Box 86, Rutherford College, NC  28671.  Deadline for mailing entries will be midnight on May 1, 2020.  Thereafter, entries will be taken at tournament site.


4.  SAFETY:  Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by all participants.  Boats will be grouped in categories for early morning start.  Special caution and safety must be observed on morning start.  Boats and safety equipment will be subject to inspection by NC Wildlife Commission.  Life jackets must be worn on take-off.


5.  FISHING CONDITIONS:  The tournament will be held regardless of weather conditions.  All fishing must be done from a boat.


6.  FISHING REGULATIONS:  2020 NC Inland Fishing Regulations will apply.  Five (5) fish per team.  Two fish per boat may be undersize.


7.  BOATS & MOTORS:  There shall be no restrictions on the size or type of the boat nor the size of the motor used, with the stipulation that all crafts must be judged seaworthy by the Tournament Rules Committee.


8.  BOAT IDENTIFICATION:  Each contestant will report to the Official Starter on the morning of the tournament to sign in and receive a valid, signed weigh-in slip to be eligible for prizes.  This slip must be presented before fish will be weighed.


9.  TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS:  Headquarters for the tournament will be set up at the Castle Bridge Public Access Area.  All boats must be launched at the Castle Bridge Access Area.


10.  PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS:  Fishing is permitted anywhere on Lake Rhodhiss with the following exceptions:   There will be no fishing allowed within 50 yards of a marina or another contestant's anchored boat.


11.  TOURNAMENT FISHING HOURS:  Fishing shall commence with the Official Starter's signal at 6:30 am or when daylight permits, and the report to weigh-in at 2:00 pm.  Big fish may be weighed at any time during the day to prevent fish from being killed.  There will be a one pound per minute penalty for checking in after 2:00 pm.  Boats reporting after 2:o5 pm will be disqualified.


12.  PROTEST:  Any contestant wishing to protest the catch of fellow contestants must do so in writing to the Tournament Rules Committee within thirty minutes of the official sign in time.  The decision of the Tournament Rules Committee in such cases will be final.  *Fish must be weighed in prior to putting boat on trailer.  Any fish presented at weigh table that comes from parking lot, will NOT be weighed.


13.  TIES:  In the event of ties, the tie will be broken by order of boat registration in tournament.


14.  DISPOSAL OF FISH:  After being weighed, all live fish shall be returned to the lake.  There will be a 1 lb. penalty for each dead fish.


15.  SPORTMANSHIP:  Sportmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation is expected from each contestant.  Tournament officials and NC Wildlife protectors will be on the lake in officially marked boats to spot check and observe each contestant.  Any violation of fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification, as may infraction of any other rule or regulation listed herein.  Intoxication on the part of any contestant during the tournament will not be tolerated and shall constitute due cause for immediate elimination.    ANY BOAT LEAVING STAGING AREA BEFORE BOAT NUMBER IS CALLED WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.


16.  TACKLE:  Contestants may use only one rod at a time.  Live bait and trolling WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.




18.  AWARDS:  All awards will be presented on the basis of total weight per boat.




20.  POLYGRAPH TEST:  All participants may be subject to a polygraph test or stress test, and must pass the test in order to collect prize money.


21.  DONATED GIFTS:  Participants must be present to win donated gifts by our local merchants.


22.  PRIZE DISTRIBUTION:  Cash will be awarded through 4th place.  If team decides to donate money back to Foothills Service project, they will be given first opportunity at prize table.  If not, 5th place finisher will go to the table first, and prizes will continue to be awarded down the list by total weight per boat until all prizes are given out on all boats that weighed fish and are qualified.